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WELCOME TO Hospitality WEB AWARDS 2010 Competition

The Date and the Place for Hospitality Web Awards
will be announced soon
Hospitality Web Awards Competition was launched with the support of Pan Arab Web Awards Academy, assuming the responsibility of this award following the organization of the competition of the Pan Arab Awards for E-Government, Banking Web Awards, the competition of the Best Website in the Arab World, and a number of national competitions in each of the Lebanese Republic, United Arab Emirates, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Republic of Yemen, Arab Republic of Egypt, Saudi Arabia Kingdom, Kuwait and Kingdom of Bahrain.

The importance of this competition resides in being a tool to enhance the construction and development of Arab hospitality websites, since this award appreciates the efforts of the hospitality organizations that established their own websites.

Hospitality Web Awards Competition aims at promoting websites of all categories, backing up their designs and development, honoring their designers and owners and stimulating an electronic world that is accessible by anyone and at any time in order to provide Arab citizens with required services , Moreover, this competition aims at fostering an Arab hospitality community encouraging communication and interaction and presenting data and specialized professional services with good and decent content in the Arab region.

Web award winners are cordially required to receive the award in person or through a representative, otherwise the award will be granted to the 1st runner up.

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